July 22, 2016

i-Trax Solutions Restoration Contractor Software

Restoration Project Management

Simple User Friendly Software That Offers Disaster Restoration Contractors Value for a small price.!

i-Trax software was originally created in 1999 as a project to solve the need to  manage the mass amounts of email structural engineers received on a daily bases. The software evolved with the addition of services including job number management, timesheet creation, job cost reporting, date and compliance management. In 2002, the software diversified into Insurance restoration to meet the unique needs of the industry. As the software grew, mobile technologies changed, i-Trax software went through major version upgrades, leading to the full i-Trax solution that is offered today.

i-Trax is a leader in multiple markets and continues to set standards in it’s key markets both nationally and globally.

i-Trax Solutions Inc exists for the purpose of providing fast, effective and reliable technical services to small medium enterprises, through its software solution, adding expertise, the latest advancements and critical path services. The mission encompasses meeting the expectation of any organization in its automated processes, aiding in the improvement of efficiencies and effectiveness which lead to continuous improvement and informed decision making capabilities.

i-Trax for restoration now has over 10 modules and over 150 Dashboard widgets to help guide us towards our company objectives for helping our clients

  • Provide a fully integrated IT solution to drive actions and reporting requirements for the customer.
  • Provide a foundation MIS (Management Information System) software solution to assist users in the decision making process at operational, tactical and strategic levels of an organization.
  • Build and supply a stable and effective link between various stakeholders for the benefit of Insurance Restoration contractors and other targeted industry segments.
  • Maintain an effective, cost conscious and sustainable technology solution.
  • Give customers the best value for money service .

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